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Goodly Heritage- Part II

Part two of three generations answering our questions about their godly mothers.

1. What is something your mom always said to you and your siblings? Her “catchphrase”? Or a common statement you heard often as a child?

Now, straighten up and act right!


If you don’t have anything to do, you can always go do more school work! (I was homeschooled.) I do have one more. Any day that I was struggling with a burden, she would say, “Just remember, Grace, ‘it came to pass.’”


When my brothers and I were growing up and would be grouchy, my mom would say, “Attitude check!” To which we would need to respond, “Praise the Lord.” To say that it was a halfhearted “praise” would be quite the understatement! But guess what I say to my boys now…. Sometimes, I open my mouth and my momma comes out.


It’s noon…time for “The Price is Right!”


2. A short story detailing a church or going to church experience with your mom that sticks with you. Feel free to share a funny or serious story!

I remember as a young girl that if we got a new Easter dress, my mom would hand make it. My sister Ruth and I would always have to match because it was cheaper to buy the clearance material in bulk at the store. My parents didn’t have the extra money for a new dress, but my mom would somehow have a spring floral print material by the week of Easter. She would start to work on two dresses. I remember the Saturday night before the Easter service, she would still be measuring us and pinning material together to get the accurate size. We would then go to bed, and she would no doubt sew all night because in the morning, both of us had new dresses to wear for Easter Sunday. One year, we insisted we didn’t want to have matching that year Ruth and I went through her collection of girl dress patterns and chose separate styles. My mom made us two separate patterns-But it was still the same material. But it didn’t matter because we had very different styles. (Wink, wink.) This memory always makes me smile!

My mom was the junior girls Sunday school teacher for many years. I remember when I finally got to go to her class. I was so excited. I loved it so much that when I turned thirteen, I asked my dad if I could stay in her class and not move up to the teen class. He let me stay one more year.


My mom was the same on Sunday morning as she was on Monday morning. She knew her Bible and took notes with the preacher at every service, even though she may have been more knowledgeable about the subject being preached than the preacher was. She was always wanting to glean more!


Matching for church is something I have always loved. So I loved when me and mom and my sister would match, whether intentionally or by accident. And of course, we always had to get a picture of the occasion when it did occur.


Funny story…. Mom never could surprise daddy with anything, until she planned a church birthday party for him and the only people that knew were my mom and me! She somehow got the fellowship “hall” (it was actually an old school bus with the seats taken out) decorated and the food in place before church on Wednesday night. At the close of the service, my dad asked if there was anything else that needed to be said, and my mom raised her hand! Daddy thought she was going to testify! Instead, she said, “Today is the Preacher’s birthday! You are all invited to a surprise party in the fellowship hall!” Dad (and the whole church) was definitely surprised!

One more and I’m done… When I was a teenager, we had an Easter sunrise service. When it was over, everyone went back to our house and my mom cooked breakfast for the church. She truly has always shown me an example of a servant’s heart! -D.S.

When I think about my mom and church, I think about how she desires to participate in worship. I’m glad my mom taught me to sing and instilled in me and my siblings the desire to participate in the church service to worship in song. She didn’t keep us as little kids from playing on the platform or scold us for playing down in the front of the auditorium because she wanted us to love church, not dread coming. Church was our whole life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


3. What is a characteristic of your mom that you hope that you mirror? Feel free to elaborate on your answer?

My mom’s love for the Bible is the most important trait I want to mirror in my life. She never let a day go by that she didn’t read her eight chapters a day, and it was inspiring to me to say the least.


Be kind to everyone. Why? Because you should be kind to everyone. -J.Y.

Kindness. Mama could always look for and find the good in people. She didn’t want to give up on people.


I would love to be a hard worker like my mother has always been. No job was too low or degrading for her to not do her best. She has always had a servant’s heart!


4. Tell us when your mom went from “just mom” to “my mom and friend.”

When I was younger, I don’t remember talking to my mom all that much. At least not about deep stuff -you know since ten year olds have such deep thoughts. But they must have built something in me that I knew I could approach them if I needed to. At about thirteen, I had some friends who would talk about how they would talk to their parents all the time. Since I thought these friends were “so cool,” I decided to give it a try. I’m sure after the MANY late nights in my parents room (hey, I was just being like the cool kids!) my parents probably wished I’d just go to bed! But it built a trust and a great relationship with both of them that I am still SO thankful for. Mom became my best friend when I started dating my husband. Mom and I would talk for hours about our guys (yep, she’s still a girl in love, too.) And how to help in the relationship I was building with my future husband.


When I had kids and needed advice, I become much closer to my mom as I sought her wise advice.


5. What do you hope to share with us about our relationship with our mom and a mom’s relationship with their child?

Always love one another and uphold that relationship.


Mama never had to have the best of things. She was always satisfied with whatever she had. No complaining. She loved the little handmade gifts as much as the big expensive ones.. She enjoys spending time with her family and especially loves spoiling her grandkids and great grandkids. I hope that I can love the little things in life like she loves. My mom has a prayer life that is inspiring, and I know she prays for me! She is a wealth of wisdom. It does me well when I listen to her! Moms and daughters need lots of love and patience in their relationships, especially as we get older.


Let your child know that you have substance. Let them know that you can cook better than you can apply makeup or style your hair. Encourage them when they are doing well, but don’t build them up to be a prideful young lady. Teach them to be real by your lifestyle. A double life is destroying the next generation. -K.M.

I do not feel as though I have any advice on this topic, as I am still learning for myself. Except… Show them Jesus.



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