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  • Marissa Patton

The Sweetness of Good Counsel Builds Friendships

By Marissa Patton

“Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: So doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel.” Proverbs‬ 27‬:9‬ 

During specific seasons of transition or uncertainty in my life, I have found older and wiser friends to help advise and encourage me. Here are a few things I have learned from these friendships along the way. 

1. Ask for advice — Proverbs 3:13.

Don’t have too much pride to ask for help or feedback. Sometimes, we would rather try to figure it out for ourselves. I learned the hard way trial and error is often harder to endure than simply asking for help beforehand in marriage, ministry, motherhood, etc. I have found several invaluable sources of godly counsel. I have seen ladies who have walked my path and their “success” (through Christ). I desire the results that they have. It’s hard to swallow pride and ask for help. But when I do, I often find that it leads to valuable wisdom ahead of time. 

2. Listen and don’t make excuses — Proverbs 2:1-5.

Once I ask for advice, I must be willing to lay aside my bias and excuses. I have to truly listen to glean wisdom. It’s easy to become defensive. It is far more difficult to be quiet and listen and take the constructive criticism that we sometimes need. I can’t sit in denial. I can’t become defensive. If I asked for counsel and someone was willing to share their thoughts with you, I must heed it! 

3. Pray and be available — Proverbs 3:27.

I need to be willing to listen or pray if my counselor friend is ever in need of my encouragement during a troubling time. If I see them in their struggle, I need to let them know that I am in their corner just as they were in mine! I can encourage and pray for them often.

You will be amazed at the benefits God brings through godly counsel! By seeking godly counsel, I have built some priceless friendships with “unlikely” ladies!

Don’t be afraid to ask for wise, godly counsel, be sure to heed the instruction given, and be available for them in their times of need.


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